3 Pillars of Online Tourism & Destination Marketing as we enter 2022 + India as a LGBTQ Destination

Most organizations large and small are comfortable with placing advertising on social media… primarily Facebook, but also Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. What we’ll be talking about is how to look at the social media landscape from a broader perspective, understanding how the science (and the mystery) of each platform’s news feed algorithm can make or break a successful digital marketing campaign. From blog posts to photos to video, we dive in to how all of this storytelling content can be hyper-targeted to your specific customer, turning your digital marketing campaign from one that focuses on the masses as a number, to one that focuses on the individual as a real person with unique interests. We also talk about how your company’s social media presence can become more engaged with your followers and fans, making you and your organization a part of the LGBTQ+ conversation online.

Available Live & During UNITE 2021

Branding – its importance and small steps to get started

What is Branding? How does one get started? This is exactly what we will cover in this session. We will uncover its meaning, why it should be considered and how it can be implemented. A daunting word often tends to get simplified by the creation of a logo. But is that truly it? A lot of business believe that only million dollar brands should invest time and money in branding. We will be discussing why this is not true and that branding should be on top of mind from day one. It is not nearly as daunting as many people believe.

Human Slavery and the Hospitality/Tourism/Conference Environment

Have you ever wondered how close to your backyard sex trafficking, human trafficking/slavery is? Look no further–it is right in your backyard, no matter what city, country you live in. In this session, you will discover the differences between sex trafficking and human slavery. We will discuss how you can become aware & what your options are to help stem the tide of sex trafficking. You will hear from a survivor of sex trafficking-briefly. The other portion of the session will awaken you to supply chains and the human slavery that, sadly, is in many of the supply chains that impact our industry. Are those picking the coffee beans for your venue being paid a living wage? Do they have benefits? You will leave with resources–you won’t leave with all the answers–you will leave with questions that will encourage you to seek more information. Once you know, you can’t ‘not’-know.