Why Exhibit?

After nearly 2 years of slow down, business is set to pick up in 2022. Now is the time to exhibit and meet potential Global Buyers. With 40 scheduled meetings before the show opens, an UNITE exhibitor will be able to conduct business using voice, video and text chat enabled with screen share capabilities.

Who Should Exhibit?

UNITE is for Hotels, Tourism Boards, DMC, Airlines, Cruises, Resorts, Conference centers and anyone who has a product to present (showcase and sell) to travel agents, tour operators and meeting planners.

Exhibiting Costs?

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For our DMC exhibitors, please know that we have a limit of 02 DMC’s per cluster country details of which are available in the media kit.


Ready to register? Wonderful!

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Exhibitor inclusions at UNITE 2021.

Marketing, lead generation & detailed attendee data are a few among several inclusions that our exhibitors can look forward to. Here are 8 reasons why exhibit at UNITE 2021:



Scheduled Meetings

Up to 40 meetings will be scheduled before the show floor opens. Additional meetings can be scheduled during the show dates.

Receive leads during offline hours

The event is operating for 48 straight hours and exhibitors can receive leads even when offline by activating the 'leave a message' tab.

Drop a business card

That's right - on this virtual platform, buyers will be able to drop off their virtual business cards.

Booth Statistics in Real Time

Every exhibitor will have access to real time booth statistics. Detailed post-show report will in-depth information including contact details of the attendees who visited the booth. How is that for data?

Video, Voice & Text Chats

Exhibitors will be able to conduct meetings with buyers using video and voice chats. This in addition to text chat so that additional meetings can be scheduled during the live days.

Social Media Marketing

Exhibitors will be tagged on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn once they sign up and on an ongoing basis.

Keyword search and matchmaking

The software not only allows exhibitors to be matched with buyers based on their profile but also allows for search using certain industry keywords.

Screen Share

Showcase your products using the screen share capabilities being offered at UNITE 2021.

And more...

Check out the video below to get a sneak preview of everything that UNITE 2021 will be equipped with.

We are setting up the stage for you.





Scheduled Meetings


Global Brands

Booth Pricing

UNITE 2021 is offering ‘Loyalty Discount’ to its returning exhibitors. All the prices listed below are in USD. Register today or talk to one of our ambassadors listed on the contact us page.

Hotel (single unit)


Hotel Group & Chains


Wellness Resorts


Luxury Camps




Luxury Hotels


Cruise Lines


PR & Representation Org.




Regional Tourism Board


National Tourism Board


Luxury Trains


Are you ready to UNITE?